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I had let myself get into a whirlpool of overwhelm and knew that Chloe was just the person to help me unwind the mess – which she achieved with alacrity making sure I put some do by dates down as an added step! Thanks! Rachel Greliche

Had a great session with Chloe Hodder - in just 30 minutes found clarity and find where to focus. Love her slow talking which totally resonate with me as I can not function in fast paced environment. Thank you Chloe! Simone Isser

“This [Writing Mini Course] is awesome Chloe Hodder! Wish I had it before I wrote my book. This is going to make a huge difference in a lot of people’s writing, which in turn, will make an even bigger difference in the lives of the people who read their books and take action!” Paul West


“My Biggest block was getting my final proofread done in my reflections and structuring the sentences together. Booking this session with Chloe helped me overcome that! Very satisfied and learned a lot about the writing process for my book. Thanks Chloe!” Sylvia Maguina

“You definitely boom in the critical faculty department. Don’t know if it’s obvious to you, but one of the reasons why I selected you for the [biography] read. You picked out aspects I wanted to accomplish, and traits with a quick look up and down. Who say’s you can’t judge a book by it’s cover and get it right.” Giuseppe De Caria

“Chloe is an absolute rockstar in the making. It was a pleasure and an honour working with her. Our sessions were always full of life and she has a natural gift of really reaching the core of any issues that you have.

My sessions with Chloe were at probably what I felt to be one of the busiest times of my life and I was feeling major overwhelm. Chloe easily showed me how I already had many of the answers that I needed to free myself from my own overwhelm. I was able to work more efficiently and really reduce the stress that I had. Chloe’s knowledge of marketing on the Internet also made her an invaluable asset to have if you have or a thinking of starting an online business.

Having a coach that knows exactly what you’re going through does make life seem so much easier. If you’re really looking for a coach or mentor then save yourself some time searching around and just go with Chloe you won’t regret it.” Brian Tomlinson

“Thank you for being such a terrific coach. Had that light bulb moment, and I know with your fabulous listening skills, I’ll have more of these moments soon!” Rowena Bolo

“In the first 15 minutes, Chloe zoomed in on core issues that I was struggling with in my writing. Chloe has a way of looking at the big picture and asking the deeper questions. Specific, pointed, yet mindful of the larger picture, Chloe gave feedback with grace and encouragement. In the same way my martial arts instructor gives feedback when I do a form–tells me what I need to work on in a way that makes me want to strive for more excellent delivery. Thanks Chloe!” Andrea Bickel Happel

“Chloe helped guide me through creating a clear message and story through which I can get more clients for my coaching business. She asked powerful questions and was excellent at drawing the answers out from me. Chloe is great to work with!” Dr Bob Clarke

“She’s an incredible person… Very fortunate to have her inside the Coaching Cognition community. I’d recommend her any day of the week. If you have a chance to connect with her I strongly suggest you do. She’s incredibly insightful because she’s already done a lot what we’re teaching, she’s incredibly valuable at shortening your learning curve. “ Mike Klingler, CEO Marketing Merge

“Chloe helped me find clarity on not only my next step but the big picture. Knowing exactly what I want to accomplish is a huge motivation to getting it done. Thanks Chloe looking forward to future sessions.” Meri Har-Gil


“Chloe coached me on my vision for my life. I was feeling like I was on a hamster wheel getting nowhere. During the laser-coaching sessions, she helped me drill down and find what was most important. In 20 minutes sessions we progressed from identifying the reasons for my overwhelm, what I needed to change, and came up with strategies to address it. It helped focus my efforts to move me forward.”

Kathy Mills

“With just the short time we had, she was able, with some insightful reframing and powerful questions, to help me quickly break through some of these blocks that were holding me back. I can honestly say I have had more confidence making big decisions since we worked together, so I can recommend Chloe Hodder whole heartedly.” Evan Kopelson


“A very wise, funny, humble, honest and intelligent old Soul coach. This process gave me the opportunity to make progress very fast, in business and in life. With her modesty, she strongly guided me in my struggle to fight my fears and find my mojo. Her compassion for all living creatures says it all as it comes to integrity. If you are looking for someone to guide you in your holistical journey with all her attention, Chloe could definitely be your best choice. She is literally and figuratively a natural.” Dirk Renkema

“Chloe’s depth, insight, life wisdom and message that change happens at our core, gave me hope and awareness to building my own inner drive and thirst to transform my mind to heal and to focus on discovering my purpose again.” Coleen Markey

“I met Chloe through her writing and knew immediately that I would work with her. As a Coach, myself, I am very selective when I am choosing someone to coach me. I do my homework, but working with Chloe was a no-brainer! Working with a good Life Coach can be life changing, if one is ready for change. Chloe is Life Changing!” Carrie Alavezos

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